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Spring Ride 2017

Report by Doris Stimpson, April 27
The Spring ride of 2017 was held April 6-9. The Hot Springs locals always know when the ride is happening because there will surely be snow and that was the case this year as well. A cold snowy day Friday gave way to lovely spring conditions with great sun on Saturday and Sunday. The cool temperatures were ideal for the horses.

We had a field of 3 for the 100 mile ride and happily all 3 finished. There were 9 completions in the 50 mile ride with 10 starting. We also had 10 pleasure riders. The 100 milers once again used trails that took them to Hobby Horse Farm, the airport and the Berry Trail. The 50 milers also went up to the Skyline Drive by way of the Berry trail.The addition of new trails was appreciated and hopefully the trails will continue to be updated with new configurations of mileage.
Dr. Keith Berkeley and his wife Laura were our vet and scribe. They were wonderful with all the competitors but most especially with the juniors. They took extra time to educate and support the juniors who will be our future.The Berkeley’s were professional and fun, many thanks.
While we had a wonderful ride, we really could use some more competitors. We had some new riders this year which we could use on every ride.Our ride is unique and should be experienced by as many as possible. So please pass on our website and email to all who may be interested.
The ride results are available, for details please contact Doris Stimpson. Christie the photographer for the Homestead ( take pictures and as soon as they are posted we will let you know!!

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