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Report by Doris Stimpson, October 2016

Dear Trail Riders,

Over the weekend of Oct 9-11 more than 44 riders gathered for our fall ride. What a turnout!! Many thanks to all who came.  It was a glorious weekend so I am sure it was no hardship on your part.

We had over 21competitors and the rest were pleasure riders.The ride was dedicated to Carol Easter who had been the heart and soul of the ride until her death last year. The Homestead made a plaque honoring both Carol and Agnes Clark. We had a small ceremony on the green in front of the stables with refreshments afterwards. It was well attended and a good time to remember two wonderful people and the good times we had at the rides.

Kent Ford has passed on his announcer duties to Witcher Dudley. He did an heroic job even to the point of not giving up his post long after the awards were done as some pleasure riders had  gotten lost. Many thanks Witcher and hope you will come back! Of course we miss Kent but he did drop by for a donut!

I have attached the results of the ride to this email.

The SPRING RIDE  2017 will be APRIL 6-9  this is over a WEEKEND so we would love to see everyone there.

If you know of someone who wants to be on the email chain or someone who doesn’t please let me know

Thanks Doris

VTRI fall 2016 Results

Champion: Toni Durham on Piper
Reserve Champion: Shannon Critzer on Way to Go

Junior: 1st Ananbelle Aron on Barley Malt

Novice: 1st Sally Shepherd on Bonito

2nd Claudia Campbell on Willow

3rd Rosanna McMillan on Gloria

Lightweight: 1st Nancy Bush on Lorelie

2nd Penny Ross on Sally Ann

3rd Virginia LaRoque on CF Rare Rookie

Middleweight: 1st Tiffany Snell on Smitty

2nd Christina Mai on Ina’s Rocket Man

3rd Lida Shepherd on Loli

4th Brian Ross on Cryin Ryan

5th Chris Perot on Ted

Heavyweight:   1st Trish Darby on Rolo

2nd Courtney Shultz on Chivar

3rd Steve Irvin on Satie

4th Mark Gebhard on Scout

5th Zach Drennan on Sporty

Read all about it in the local news: see two page article in the local news Recorder: October 20, 2016recorder-10-20-16-p1



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